Challenge fans to guess the outcome of your bracket challenge.
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Campaign Description
Bracket is a voting contest with multiple rounds, where fans guess the outcome of a “playoffs-style” bracket competition. Fans explore a “tree-shaped” layout that demonstrates which teams or players are competing in each round, with optional videos for each. Bracket is often used to challenge fans to predict the outcome of the playoffs, where they return after each round to see the results. The brand controls the winners; fans just have fun making predictions and seeing if they were correct.
  • Collect fan information and increase shares by inspiring friendly competition
  • Real time results pressure fans to rally their friends, increasing organic reach on multiple social networks
  • Multiple rounds increases return traffic by encouraging fans to come back and vote

Real Life Example:
Dallas Mavericks: Oops Upside Your Head Contest
The Dallas Mavericks turned Alley-Oops plays into a clever pun with their ‘Oops Upside Your Head’ campaign and had fans vote on their favourite plays for a chance to win prizes.

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