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Create your own campaigns from scratch with our Campaigns API.
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Campaign Description
Our Campaign API is a fully customizable campaign type that allows your development team to craft your dream campaign with our prebuilt elements. You can still use the back end of our system for data collection, compiling fan profiles and generating reports - but the front end of your campaign can look as close to your vision as your developers can build it. Simply install the Campaign API to generate your microsite, read our documentation and you’re good to go!
  • Developers enjoy complete control over the design and functionality of your contest
  • Pre-built elements and extensive API documentation make building contests easy
  • Still benefit from all the reporting, data collection, fan profiles and exports available on our back end, just with a custom front end

Real Life Example:
Junction YVR - The Social Bowl
In partnership with Tradable Bits, Junction YVR created a custom dashboard for the social media surrounding the 50th Super Bowl using our Campaigns API. They easily incorporated voting elements, data collection and social media content onto one beautifully designed microsite.

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