Help fans creatively promote your brand with fun, customizable eCards.
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Campaign Description
eCard is a playful, creative way to interact with your fans across social networks. Provide branded eCard templates and then let fans customize them by either: fully edit your cards with their own stickers, text and images; add pre-made decorations to your cards; or simply choose and write their own caption. eCards help fans creatively promote your brand for the holidays or around a cause. The moderated gallery showcases your best fan creations and one-click Cover Photo upload makes sharing even easier for your fans.
  • Gamify your Facebook Page by challenging fans to make the best decorated eCard
  • Encourage sharing with free eCards that fans can easily pass along to their friends
  • Celebrate holidays with your fans through branded, interactive, customizable eCards

Real Life Example:
Florida Gators - Gators Albertgrams
The Florida Gators helped their fans connect with their loved ones for Valentine's Day by creating adorable, customizable branded eCards. With over 3,000 entries and over 30,000 views, they hit gold with their mascot-focused "albertgrams" for their fans and friends.



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