Instant Win

Reward fans for sharing and returning daily to enter in your instant prize draw.
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Campaign Description
Instant Win is a simple yet highly engaging campaign where fans can press one button to instantly see if they’ve won your prize or not. Allow fans to enter once, or encourage them to come back daily to try again. You completely control the odds and the number of prizes allotted. Incentivize sharing by telling fans they can double their odds if they share the campaign with friends. This campaign results in high return traffic, lots of engagement and a ton of shares with little effort.
  • Entry is effortless so fans can earn prizes and engage with your Page with one click
  • “Stack for Shares” feature gives fans 2x the chance to win if they share with 5 friends
  • Drive return visits to your Page by incentivizing fans to come back daily to try their luck at your draw each day

Real Life Example:
Iowa State Football: Iowa State vs Oklahoma State Football Games
Leading up to each game, Iowa State ran Instant Wins to increase game day awareness and drive ticket sales with a low CPA. With over 8,000 entries and a secondary action linking to their ticketing page, fans participating in the instant win bought over $15,000 in tickets.



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