Personality Quiz

Engage fans with quizzes that provide insight into their unique identities.
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Campaign Description
Personality Quiz lets you create branded BuzzFeed style quizzes for your fans that reveal more about their preferences and personality. In a mobile-friendly microsite with a customizable URL, your fans can answer as many questions as you want for a chance to discover their unique, sharable result. You simply create questions, answers and results and let our system do the tallying for you and your fans.
  • Easily boost engagement with fun quizzes optimized for sharing on multiple networks
  • Automatically match customers with ideal products, destinations or teams
  • Collect qualitative data about your fans and tag them based on their results

Real Life Example:
Nitro Circus - 'Which World First Would You Land?' 10K+ Views
What better way to get your fans involved than to ask them to dream of what they would do if they were a Nitro Circus athlete? Fans took a personality quiz to find out which event they were born to compete in, while Nitro Circus earned insights into their fans' interests.



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