Collect fan information as they participate in your promotion.
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Campaign Description
Promo is a simple, customizable form you can use for sweepstakes and giveaways. Easily embed in your Facebook Page, website or simply use as a mobile-friendly microsite. Simplify registration with compelling graphics and a mobile-friendly form, ensuring you collect the information you need. All registrations are securely stored and sorted into your Fan CRM. When fans return in future, their information is auto-updated.
  • Fully customizable form fields let you collect any fan information you need
  • Legally yet easily gain permission to contact your fans by verified email
  • Forms are made for mobile and easy to embed into websites or Facebook Pages

Real Life Example:
Ama Lou - Song Download
Ama Lou captured valuable fan data about her most dedicated fans by releasing her new EP through a promo. After filling out a simple form, her fans received a free download of her new single.

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