RSS Feed

Extend the reach of your blog or RSS source by streaming it into Facebook.
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Campaign Description
RSS Feed allows you to easily embed the content from any RSS address into your Facebook Page, website or blog without requiring any coding. Header images allow you to customize the display of your results. Optimized for mobile, it’s easy for your fans to share your latest posts and articles from any device. Easily add a comments section to your RSS Feed embed, so fans can discuss your latest articles and updates. Track and export views and other engagement metrics.
  • Increase followers and visibility for your blog by embedding it on your website
  • Engage fans by encouraging them to comment on your latest updates
  • Save time updating your Facebook Page with your blog posts by automatically importing your latest articles via RSS

Campaign Idea:
Drive more traffic to your blog or podcast by using the RSS Campaign to embed your posts or episodes into your Facebook page. This will help direct your social community to your content by automatically updating as you post new content.

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