Collect valuable feedback from your fans with easy to use Surveys.
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Campaign Description
Survey is a customizable, mobile-friendly form campaign where you can ask fans a series of questions. Survey supports text-only questions, rating questions, multiple choice questions and more. Automatically tag fans based on their responses and segment fans by their selection. Easily export all results in a CSV or use our prebuilt reports to display your results. You can even incenitivize fans to participate by offering a prize to a random winner!
  • Earn valuable insight from your fans by asking them a series of custom questions
  • Tag fans based on their responses for future ad and email audience segmentation
  • Incentivize fans to share your survey with a prize and easily select a random winner

Real Life Example:
Grandoozy - Email Subscribers Survey
In an effort to personalize their fan experience for email subscribers, Grandoozy created a welcome email survey. The survey runs continuously as new fans subscribe, and has earned over 800 completions in its first month running.


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