On-Site Experiences

Engage fans at your live events with personalized, data-powered, on-site activations like social login for WiFi, UGC towers + more.
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Wow Fans + Sponsors with Towers
Engage your fans at your live event with a giant four-sided tower of data-powered activations. Add filters to live fan cams, generate 3D venue maps and turn fan posts into animated games.
Authenticate WiFi with Social Login
Link your online and offline experience by encouraging fans to complete a social login to access your stadium WiFi. Understand which of your fans and their friends attend concerts and games.
Personalize Schedules with Affinity
Invite fans to connect their Spotify to reveal their personalized schedule for your music festival or event. Fans can cross-reference with their friends to plan their perfect festival experience.
Track Your Fan Journey with RFID
Understand which acts and activations your fans actually attend at your event with RFID, wristband and mobile tracking to analyze fan affinity based on in-venue behaviour patterns.

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