Fan-Based Marketing for esports
Build and monetize your fanbase

Understand your fans, earn sponsorship revenue and drive ticket sales to your on and offline events.

Integrated with eSports giants

Harness the Wild West of esports

Our fan-based marketing platform is built to help esports brands understand their fans and earn more revenue. Tackle this exciting new market with the best tools for fan engagement, sponsorship activation and targeted advertising.

Know Your Fans

Find and understand your fans by collecting and unifying your fan data across platforms into one Fan CRM.

Sell Sponsorship

Monetize your audience through engaging sponsorship activations that connect sponsors with fans.
Then target relevant advertisements to those fans. Create real-time segments of your best fans and their friends and reach them on every major ad network.

Sell Tickets to Fans + Friends

Find your best fans with our five-star fan algorithm and target them with relevant ads. Expand your reach to friends of fans, even as fans are buying tickets in real-time.
Quantify exact ROI of your campaigns by linking ticketing and advertising data. Follow the entire fan journey from first contact to final sale with landing and sales trackers.
Featured integrations:

Drive Sales

Sell tickets to online events and in-person tournaments with targeted messages, emails and advertising.

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